Sunday, December 30, 2007

This brings to an end the azwinter07 blog. The new one will be started tomorrow, on New Year's Eve. Click here to go to the 08 blog, or just scroll down to continue seeing the last posts of 07.
This is an "over the shoulder" shot from Jack's camera. We just got off I-10 and are heading South on Hwy 83.
Didsbury Dave..he's a happy camper to be out of the ice and snow!
Pebbles on her very cool 07 Classic. She's getting broken into riding in the desert today.
Jack and Tony are playing "dueling cameras"
Romy (Pebbles) and Didsbury Dave rolled in about 9:30 PM on the 29th. The drove through ice and snow most of the way from Alberta, Canada to spend a few days in the Desert sunshine. Didn't take Julie long to find a new lap.
Barb, rolling out the big V-Strom....she has the electric gear all plugged in for a chilly morning!
The line up in front of The Casa Foree South. 10 of us are preparing for a day of riding in Southern Arizona!
Gas Stop in Sonoita..We're close to the Mexican border here. It's the furthest South the Dave and Romy have ever been!
The road between Sonoita and Tombstone.
The VROC crew for Dec. 30, 2007. Pat, Barb, Jim, Carol, Tony, Teresa, Jack, Dave, and Romy. There were 10 of us tearing up the highways on our "choppers" This picture was taken in front of the Bisbee Breakfast Club.

Bisbee Breakfast Club
They 've only been on the bike an hour, and have a lot of catching up to do...........
Getting ready for breakfast! We're in South Bisbee, the area that used to be Lowell.
Tony D., Teresa, Barb, Jack, Dave, Romy, Pat, Jim, and Carol.
The table from the other end..Didsbury Dave at the end, then Romy (Pebbles), Pat, Jim (Rev) Carol, Tony D. , Teresa, Barb, and Jack.
Tony D. is presenting his "Duck Hash". This was a first for me to see. It was duck in a potato mixture, with sliced duckling folded inside. He said it was delicious!
Its amazing how much food these VROC folks can put away..and they are all so thin and trim!
Lets see..are we in Sturgis? or Laconia?, or Daytona? or, just somewhere out for lunch....yeah, that's it!
What can you say..........This is Tony's fender.
Tony D., Barb, Pebbles, Didsbury Dave, Teresa, Carol, Jim, and...and....and...could that be Jack?!
An Arizona Longhorn with a Santa hat...this guy has been in the Birdcage for many years.
These are the original mirrows that came around the horn, and then by a mule drawn wagon to Tombstone in 1881. So........when the Earps and the Clanton's and Doc Holiday used to "belly up" to this same bar, they look into this same mirror. This was a Theater, bar, casino, and Bordello, all in one. It's mostly all original inside.
Dave and Pebbles with the Earps and Doc Holiday. The guy next to Dave said. " ooo, I like men in leather" You see Dave moved a bit away.
There are a bunch of horse teams you can rent to take a tour of the City.
Tombstone is "doggy friendly". Except the bowl is a little high for Julie to drink out of .
Big Nose Kate's is a famous place!
Dave was quite taken by the Mustached Madame.
Didsbury Dave and Pebbles are taking in the tourist stuff. Pebbles, since she grew up in South Africa, had never heard of Tombstone!
Barb and Teresa have been watching the "shoot out" at the OK Corral, and are practicing the gunfighter stance.
Teresa is doing ..............uh, I don't know exactly what she's doing................but it's in the middle of Tombstone!
Jack is waiting for the Tombstone Trolly, we're getting ready to "get out of Tombstone"
The last shot of the day! Sunset over the Patagonia Mountains...Mexico is right of the hill! We're about 2 hours from Tucson, and it's getting cold! Almost the end of a wonderful day! This post will be the last on for this blog, tomorrow I'll be starting azwinter08.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The entrance to the USA Raceway in Tucson. We spent a very enjoyable afternoon here!
A Texas size Budweiser that lives in Arizona.
I thought they may run these cars, but they were just here for display today.
Another cool old race car.
The Race Fans! We were very glad for the blankets and heavy coats before the day was over.
The only two classes we stayed to watch were these modifieds, about 40 of them, and 53 Sprint cars. There were some classic old 60's Midget racers, but we didn't see them race.
There were several pretty bad wrecks, this sprint cars seem to flip all over the place. this car hit the wall, went airborn and flipped over in the air, passing directly over a track photographer! The car went over the wall and landed on it's wheels. Amazing, and no one was hurt.
Barb is sprinting away from the trash can....She just finished dumping all our accumulated trash from the afternoon.
A couple laps into the B Main for the sprint cars.
Sundown over the USA Raceway in Tucson. The sprint cars were kicking up so much dust, we could harldy watch the race toward the end. We left at the beginning of the feature race of the day, it was cold and windy.
Jack and Barb left the race track in order to get home and start cooking....As soon as we walked in, the smell of good food hit us full on.................
The food is ready!
Jack is putting the final melting on the cheese for the first home made burrito....
You can't believe how good this burrito was! Barb cooked the tortilla, Jack made the chili, and all the extra stuff that went inside was wonderful! What a good way to end the day.............
Breakfast! 29 December 2007. Jack made two kinds of gravy, and a bunch of home made bisquits. We also had a couple dozen of fresh donuts from two different bakeries. This is another diabetic delight! This will be a day for extra medication! But, it sure was good!